Bush Fires at The DISH - 30 November 2004

Bush Fire at The DISH
30 November 2004.

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The view to the West of the DISH at approx. 6:00pm. The flames from the fire front were clearly visible along the ridge.

The view to the South-West of the Dish

The view to the South toward the Forbes' Farm. The flames came close to the farm house, but it fortunately was saved (Note the flames in the tree-line).

The view West of the DISH at approx. 7:15pm, just before we resumed observations. The fire-fighters managed to extinguish the flames (visible in the photograph) shortly after this photograph was taken.

Meanwhile in Parkes, Mal Smith was informed by Police (who had set up a road block on the highway north of town) that the fire had reached the telescope and that the dish was "GONE" !!!!!

I guess the reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated.

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