L-Band (1200-1500MHz) Survey

The L-Band (1200-1500MHz) Survey spectrum plots cover the full band of the the Multibeam receiver, nominally associated with the Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Filterbank.
The survey plots for the frequency range 1200-1500MHz, are displayed as 6 separate plots, each being 64MHz bandwidth, centred at 1225MHz, 1275MHz, 1325MHz, 1375MHz, 1425MHz, and 1475MHz, thus providing full contiguous coverage of the spectrum. The survey spectrum plots are measured with the Interference Monitoring System (IMS), and the correlator configuration for these measurements had 1024 channels, over 64MHz, giving a spectral resolution of 62.5kHz per correlator bin. The spectral plots measured with the IMS, are generated using the Observatory's Interference Analysis program INTER_HPF, and are an averaged display, typically from 40 integrations, each integration being 5 seconds duration.
In the IMS spectral plots detailed below, the scale on the Y-axis needs to be rescaled. To obtain the correct averaged flux Jansky, values should include a fatcor of 1E06, ie 1E06 x Jy, giving 1E06 x 1E-26 W/m^2/Hz = 1E-20 W/m^2/Hz = MJy

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Spectrum Notes Detailed information pertaining to RFI arising from the survey