RFI Frequency List

The RFI frequency listings, given below, result from a number of years of RFI monitoring programs, use of the ACA/ABA database, from astronomical observations reporting RFI, and from other sources, where appropriate. The information is offered, as a way of helping observers identify common RFI, and to ascertain to the nature of the RFI sources, and the RFI's location in the RF spectrum, for observational planning. Quite a number of Analogue and Digital TV Frequency listings are given below, with other listings at TV Frequency Listings

Frequency (MHz)Signal(CW or BW)BW/CH spacing (MHz)Modulated (Yes/No)Modulation TypeRFI LocationSnapshot/Description
648.79,668.45,688.11,678.28CW9.83no-Focus CabinTranslator PC
627.5BW7yesdigitalMt CanobolasSBS CH42
634.5BW7yesdigitalMt CanobolasCTC CH43
641.5BW7yesdigitalMt Cenn CruaichSBS CH44
646.25BW4.4yesAM Vision CarrierMt SugarloafSBS CH45
651.75BW0.1yesFM Sound CarrierMt SugarloafSBS CH45
655.5BW7yesdigitalMt UlandraABC CH46
669.5BW7yesdigitalMt UlandraSBS CH48
667.25BW4.4yesAM Vision CarrierMt SugarloafABC CH48
672.75BW0.1yesFM Sound CarrierMt SugarloafABC CH48
690.5BW7yesdigitalMt SugarloafNRN CH51
709.25BW4.4yesAM Vision CarrierMt SugarloafNEN CH54
714.75BW0.1yesFM Sound CarrierMt SugarloafNEN CH54
718.625BW7yesdigitalDubboSBS CH55
1018.0BW~3yesPulsedDME Beacon @ airportDME Beacon
1176.45????GPSL5 Beacon
1164.5-1188.5????Dept of DefenceSat D/L
1207.14????GlonassL3 Beacon
1215.6-1239.6????Dept of DefenceSat D/L
1227.6CW1nonoGPSL2 Beacon
1246.4375-1256.5BW+/- 0.511yes?GlonassL2 Beacon
1374.94CW-no-Focus CabinTranslator PC
1381.05BW2yes?GPSL3 Beacon, Beacon zm
1386.09CW-no-Focus CabinTranslator PC
1395.87CW-no-Focus CabinTranslator PC
1408.0CW-no-1st Floor Computer RmMB Sampler Clock
1416.93CW-no-Focus CabinGPIB Bus Extender
1438.5BW4yesFDMterrestrialPoint-to-point link
1499.0BW4yesFDMterrestrial Point-to-point link
1525.0-1530.0BW?yesdigitalKITComm D/LData comm
1535.5-1548.0BW?yesdigitalInmarsat D/LVoice/data
1545.0-1559.0BW14yesdigitalOptus MobilesatVoice/data 5kHz
1563.4-1587.4BW???Dept of DefenceVoice/data ?
1574.5-1576.5BW?yesdigitalInmarsat D/LVoice/data
1575.4????GPSL1 Beacon
1602.5625-1615.5BW+/- 0.511yes?GlonassL1 Beacon
2483.5-2500.0BW16.5yesQPSKGlobalstarVoice/data downlink