2018APR Proposal Summary

2018APR Observing Schedule Proposals Legend

Project Ident Project Description (Principal Investigator)
BLBreakthrough Listen (Siemion)
PX500/PX501FAST (Di)
P455Timing & geodetic precession in the double pulsar (Burgay)
P456A millisecond pulsar timing array (Hobbs)
P574Young Pulsar Timing: Probing the Physics of Pulsars and Neutron Stars (Dai)
P595PULSE@Parkes (Pulsar Student Exploration online at Parkes) (Hobbs)
P737Instrumental calibration of UWL (Hobbs)
P789Timing of Binary & Millisecond Pulsars Discovered at Parkes (Spiewak)
P798A search for Methylidyne and Hydroxyl in the Musca Dark Cloud (Mader)
P860Initial Follow-up of Pulsar Discoveries from the HTRU Galactic Plane Survey (Cameron)
P885Understanding the Remarkable Behaviour of Radio Magnetars (Camilo)
P892SUPERBx - The SUrvey for Pulsars & Extragalactic Radio Bursts Extension (Keane)
P895Where are the gravitational waves? (Hobbs)
P941NAPA: Catching the rebirth of a millisecond pulsar in NGC2808 after an X-ray bright accretion event (Papitto)
P945NAPA: Catching the first transitional pulsar in an early-type binary system (Possenti)
P953The hidden iceberg structure of the halo with Parkes(Moss)
P958Searching for repetition from ASKAP fast radio bursts (Shannon)
P960Receiver Characterisation (Mader)
P963Mapping the magnetosphere of interpulse pulsars (Johnston)
P964NAPA: A follow-up campaign for MeerTRAP FRBs with the Parkes telescope (Caleb)
P965Wideband timing observations of J1933-6211 (Oslowski)
P970Searching for millisecond pulsars towards unidentified Fermi sources using the Ultra-wideband receiver (Dai)
P973Parkes resolves the cold gas detected by ASKAP in distant radio galaxies (Kaczmarek)
P976Wide-band characterisation of the radio eclipses of black widows and redbacks (Polzin)
P977A Wide-band survey of the Scorpio field in support of EMU/POSSUM (Leahy)
P981Commissioning a new real-time coherent dedisperser (Bailes)