APR05 Proposal Summary

APR05 Observing Schedule Proposals Legend

Ident Project Description, Principal Investigator(s)
SRS05Molecules at 1.4 & 3 GHz (Mader)
P140 Precision pulsar timing (Bailes)
P236 Pulsar rotation measures for Galactic magnetic fields (Han)
P262 Timing of young pulsars (Manchester)
P268 Pulsar Multibeam survey (Lyne)
P276 Timing of Multibeam Pulsar Discoveries (Manchester)
P282 Timing and searching for Pulsars in 47 Tuc (Freire)
P357 A bulge extension to the ZOA survey (Staveley-Smith)
P361 Studies of relativistic binary pulsars (Bailes)
P364 Tully-Fisher HI widths of spirals containing Type 1a supernovae (Danziger)
P387 Completeness and reliability of Northern HIPASS (Ryan-Weber)
P395 Timing two young and energetic pulsars (Camilo)
P400 Geodetic precession in PSR J1141-6545 (Kramer)
P409 Diffuse polarization from the Galactic plane (Gaensler)
P417 A new class of pulsar-like neutron stars (Kramer)
P427 Timing and searching mSec pulsars in globular clusters (D'Amico)
P433 Circumstellar OH masers in the Small Magellanic Cloud (van Loon)
P439 Properties of neutron star kicks (Hobbs)
P445 Nulling of Parkes Multibeam Pulsars (Wang)
P447 Timing the Swinburne intermediate latitude pulsars (Jacoby)
P448 Search for radio pulsations from 4 X-ray msec pulsars (Di Salvo)
P449 Single-pulse observations of southern pulsars at 10/50 (Karastergiou)
P450 X-ray and radio observations of giant pulses in PSR B0540-69 (Johnston)
P451 dual frequency observations of giant pulses in PSR B0540-69 (Johnston)
P452 High frequency polarimetry of pulsars (Karastergiou)
P453 Monitoring the interstellar medium with pulsars (Wang)
P455 Timing & geodetic precession in the double pulsar & J1756-2251(Burgay)
P456 A millisecond pulsar timing array (Manchester)
P460 Searching for giant pulses from millisecond pulsars (Knight)
P461 A 50cm baseband pulsar survey (Knight)
P465 Timing and confirmation of high-latitude survey discoveries (Burgay)
P466 6-cm Absorption in PKS 1830-211 (Curran)
P467 GASS: The Galactic All Sky Survey (McClure-Griffiths)
P468 Interstellar turbulence: strongly scattered pulsar radiation (Macquart)
P469 A search for interstellar Benzonitrile (C6H5CN) (Chin)
P470 OH emission-absorption toward low-latitude pulsars (Weisberg)
P471 Timing "Deep Multibeam" pulsars (Camilo)
P472 Parkes Galactic Meridian urvey (PGMS) at 2.3Hz (Caretti)
P473 A search for double-pulsar binaries (Lorimer)
P475 HI content of early-type dwarf galaxies in nearby groups (Bouchard)
P476 Is there a planet orbiting PSR J1807-2459A in NGC6544? (Possenti)
P477 The "Perseus Arm" pulsar Multibeam survey (Lyne)
P478 Monitoring of an eclipsing pulsar with a massive companion (Lyne)
P479 Further investigations of repeating radio transients (McLaughlin)
P480 Multi-wavelength study of three new Galactic SNRs (Stupar)
P482 A multi-wavelength study of isolated asymmetric spiral galaxies (Kranz)
P483 Improving the terrestrial & celestial reference frames (Titov)
P484 Full Stokes spectra of 1665 and 1667MHz OH masers in SFRs (Caswell)
P485 Single-pulse study of pulsar J0437-4715 (McConnell)
P486 Searching for a warp in the ionised gas layer of the outer Galaxy (Azcarate)
P487 Deep searches for young pulsars in "shell" supernova remnants (Donovan)
P488 HI content of the dwarf spheroidal field galaxy APPLES1 (Tarchi)
P489 Forming pulsar flux density standards (Hobbs)
P490 A search for extra-galactic giant pulses (Johnston)
P491 Pulsar searches of the Galactic centre (Johnston)
P492 Recombination line observations toward pulsar B1641-45 (Weisberg)
P493 OH from comet 9P/Tempel 1 after Deep Impact collision (Jones)
P494 Integrated and individual radio pulsar properties (Vranesevic)
P495 Search for 6GHz OH masers in SNRs (McDonnell)
P496 Probing the HI environment of two z~0.1 galaxy clusters (Kilborn)
P497 Physical properties of Galactic centre molecular clouds (Walsh)
P498 HI detection in E+A galaxies (Buyle)
P499 Single pulse properties of mSec pulsars (Edwards)
P500 A search for massive 'sourceless' cores aroud HII regions (Wu)
V131 Astrometry of Southern ICRF sources(Ojha)
V175 VLBI and Doppler tracking of the Huygens probe (Gurvits)

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