2009AprS Proposal Summary

2009AprS Observing Schedule Proposals Legend

Ident Project Description, Principal Investigator(s)
VLBI (Phillips)
P140 Precision pulsar timing (Bailes)
P282 Timing and searching for Pulsars in 47 Tuc (Freire)
P361 Studies of relativistic binary pulsars (Bailes)
P427 Timing and searching mSec pulsars in globular clusters (D'Amico)
P455 Timing & geodetic precession in ... relativistic binaries (Burgay)
P456 A millisecond pulsar timing array (Manchester)
P477 Tidying of the Perseus Arm Pulsar Survey (Lyne)
P483 Improving the terrestrial & celestial reference frame (Titov)
P501 Timing of binary & millisecond PKSMB/PH pulsars (Kramer)
P502 A Multibeam survey of the Galaxy for Methanol masers (Fuller)
P559 New pulsars from re-analysis of the Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey (Eatough)
P560 S-band Polarization All Sky survey (S-PASS) (Carretti)
P573 Searching for pulsations from the transient AXP in Westerlund 1 (Possenti)
P574 Pulsar timing and the GLAST and AGILE missions (Weltevrede)
P595 PULSE@Parkes: Pulsar Student Exploration online at Parkes (Hobbs)
P602 Two radio magnetars (Camilo)
P617 Parkes 300-900MHz rotation measure survey: pilot study (Wolleben)
P624 The Southern 20cm all-sky polarization survey (STAPS) (Haverkorn)
P628 Testing of focal plane technologies for ASKAP (Johnston)
P630 The high time resolution Universe (Bailes)
P632 NH3 Temperatures of Infrared Dark Cloud Cores (Jackson)
P669 Galaxy evolution - a pathfinder study (Staveley-Smith)
P675 Radio search for gamma-ray pulsar counterparts (Keith)
P676 Do the enigmatic IR-Faint Radio Sources include pulsars? (Hobbs)
P679 PSR J1437-5959 and its bow-shock nebula (Camilo)
P682 A high time resolution survey of the SMC (Ridley)
P685 Lunar occultations of reference quasars (Tingay)
P687 OH Megamasers: Your New Extragalactic Magnetometer (Robishaw)
P688 NH3 Survey of Vela Dust Cores Selected by BLAST (Olmi)
P692 Ammonia survey of ATLASGAL cold massive clumps (Wienen)
P693 Assessing the Polarized Response of Parkes (Robishaw)