2011AprS Proposal Summary

2011AprS Observing Schedule Proposals Legend

Project Ident Project Description (Principal Investigator)
VLBI (Tzioumis)
P361 Studies of Relativistic Binary Pulsars (Bailes)
P427 Timing of millisecond pulsars in globular clusters (D'Amico)
P455 Timing & geodetic precession in the double pulsar (Burgay)
P456 A millisecond pulsar timing array (Hobbs)
P483 Improving the terrestrial and celestial reference frame ... (Titov)
P574 Pulsar Timing and the Fermi and AGILE missions (Shannon)
P595 PULSE@Parkes (Hollow)
P602 The remarkably active radio magnetar 1E 1547.0-5408 (Camilo)
P628 64m/12m tests (Reynolds)
P630 The High Time Resolution Universe (Bailes)
P654 New pulsar identifications of TeV gamma-ray sources (Camilo)
P668 A Radio Search for UHE Particles from Centaurus A (Ekers)
P675 Revealing pulsars in unidentified Fermi sources (Keith)
P736 The Magnetic Field in Tapia's Globule 2 (Andersson)
P737 Instrumental calibration for pulsar observing at Parkes (Hobbs)
P778 A new deep search for millisecond pulsars in globular clusters (Possenti)
P783 Obtaining timing solutions for two gamma-ray millisecond pulsars (Camilo)
P784 WAMBe : The survey for Water masers around B[e] stars (Bendjoya)
P786 Transient Radio Neutron Stars (Keane)
P789 Timing of Binary & Millisecond Pulsars Discovered at Parkes (Keith)
P791 Monitoring known X-ray magnetars for intermittent radio emission (Camilo)
P793 A Second Extragalactic Radio Burst: The Beginnings of a Population (Keane)
P794 The Mass of PSR J1933-6211 (Verbiest)
P795 Unveiling the anomalous microwave emission process: the case of 3C396 and RCW175 (Battistelli)
P797 OH in the G333 region - Parkes Observations (Cunningham)
P798 A 3GHz survey for dark gas in Musca (Mader)
P799 The Ionised Component of the Magellanic Stream (Westmeier)
P800 Galaxy dynamics and the distance to the Norma Cluster (Blyth)