Sep03 Observing Schedule Proposals Legend

Jan04 Observing Schedule Proposals Legend

Ident Project Description, Principal Investigator(s)
SPP006 Vacation Student Observing (McClure-Griffiths)
P116 The 2004 Periastron Passage of PSR B1259-63 (Johnston)
P140 High Precision pulsar timing (Bailes)
P262 Timing of young pulsars (Manchester)
P268 Pulsar Multibeam survey (Lyne)
P276 Timing of MB Pulsar Discoveries (Manchester)
P280 Small scale sctructure in the interstellar medium (Johnston)
P282 Timing and searching for Pulsars in 47 Tuc (Freire)
P361 Studies of relativistic binary pulsars (Bailes)
P395 Timing two young and energetic pulsars (Camilo)
P400 Geodetic precession in PSR J1141-6545 (Kramer)
P406 A search for pulsars in mid-latitude EGRET error boxes (Roberts)
P414 Linear Polarization of planetary nebulae precursors (Deacon)
P427 Timing and searching mSec pulsars in globular clusters (D'Amico)
P440 HI 21cm line absorption at Z~1 against high-Z radio sources (Little)
P445 Nulling of Parkes Multibeam pulsars (Wang)
P447 Timing the Swinburne intermediate latitude pulsars (Jacoby)
P452 High frequency polarimetry of pulsars (Karastergiou)
P453 Monitoring the interstellar medium with pulsars (Wang)
P455 Timing of ms pulsars in new double neutron star binaries (Burgay)
P456 A millisecond pulsar timing array (Manchester)
P458 Redshifted OH absorption in red quasars (Curran)
P459 A search for 2.9GHz Methanol maser emission (Voronkov)
P460 Searching for giant pulses from millisecond pulsars (Knight)
P461 A pilot 50cm pulsar survey (Knight)
P462 Rapid time variations of astrophysical masers (Stootman)
P463 Geodetic precession in two new double neutron star systems (Burgay)
P465 Timing and confirmation of high-latitude survey discoveries (Burgay)
VLBIa V131 astrometry (Ojha)

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