Jan03 Observing Schedule Proposals Legend

May03 Observing Schedule Proposals Legend

Ident Project Description, Principal Investigator(s)
P104 Low-frequency Carbon recombination lines (Erickson)
P138 Long-term monitoring of PSR J0045-7319 (Kaspi)
P140 Precision Pulsar Timing (Bailes)
P262 Timing of young pulsars (Manchester)
P263 Baseband searching for ultrafast pulsars (Knight)
P268 Pulsar Multibeam survey (Lyne)
P276 Timing of MB Pulsar Discoveries (Manchester)
P294 Timing & Confirmation of Magellanic Cloud pulsars (Manchester)
P357 A bulge extension to the ZOA survey (Staveley-Smith)
P361 Studies of a relativistic binary pulsar (Ord)
P366 Parkes Multibeam high-latitude pulsar survey (Burgay)
P387 Completeness & reliability of HIPASS (de Blok)
P388 The HI content of compact groups of galaxies (Stevens)
P393 Intrinsic polarization of the Vela Pulsar (Manchester)
P395 Timing two young and energetic pulsars (Camilo)
P399 An HI study of loose groups (Pisano)
P406 A search for pulsars in mid-latitude EGRET error boxes (Roberts)
P414 The origin of planetary nebulae morphology (Deacon)
P420 Interstellar scintillation studies of radio pulsars (Johnston)
P421 Study and new search for 13GHz OH masers in SFRs (Caswell)
P427 Timing and searching mSec pulsars in globular clusters (D'Amico)
P432 HI content of early-type galaxies as a function of environment (Garduno)
P433 The wind veocity in Magellanic OH/IR stars (van Loon)
P434 A deep search for isolated millisecond pulsars in NGC 6266 (Burgay)
P435 Toward an understanding of magnetic fields in the Pipe Nebula (Matthews)
P437 Determining the temperature of the warm neutral medium (McClure-Griffiths)
V131 VLBI reference frame astrometry (Ojha)

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