2005 October Semester Proposal Summary

2005 October Semester Observing Schedule Proposals Legend

Ident Project Description, Principal Investigator(s)
P140 Precision pulsar timing (Bailes)
P262 Timing of young pulsars (Manchester)
P276 Timing of Multibeam pulsar discoveries (Manchester)
P361 Studies of relativistic binary pulsars (Bailes)
P396 Deep searches for young and "radio-quiet" pulsars (Camilo)
P427 Timing and searching mSec pulsars in globular clusters (D'Amico)
P439 Properties of neutron star kicks (Johnston)
P455 Timing/geodetic precession in the double pulsar & J1756-2251(Burgay)
P456 A millisecond pulsar timing array (Manchester)
P467 GASS: The Galactic All-Sky Survey (McClure-Griffiths)
P471 Timing "Deep Multibeam" pulsars (Camilo)
P472 Parkes Galactic Meridian Survey (PGMS) at 2.3Hz (Carretti)
P477 The "Perseus Arm" Multibeam pulsar survey (Lyne)
P483 Improving the terrestrial & celestial reference frames (Titov)
P484 Full Stokes spectra of 1665 and 1667MHz OH masers in SFRs (Caswell)
P494 What is special about high-b pulsars? (Vranesevic)
P498 HI detection in E+A galaxies (Buyle)
P501 Timing of binary & millisecond PKSMB/PH pulsars (Kramer)
P502 A Multibeam survey of the Galaxy for Methanol masers (Cohen)
P503 The search for transforming Ellipticals: HI content (Kilborn)
P505 Pulsar survey of the Canis Major dwarf galaxy (Ord)
P507 Are the new Tev sources associated with radiopulsars? (Possenti)
P508 HEDGES: The HI extremely deep galaxy environment survey (Kilborn)
P509 PSR J1833-1034 the very young pulsar in G21.5-0.9 (Camilo)
P510 The relativistic binary pulsar J1906+0746 (Lorimer)
P511 Further investigations into a new class of radio transients(McLaughlin)
P512 A Methanol multibeam pulsar survey(Johnston)

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