2012OctS Proposal Summary

2012OctS Observing Schedule Proposals Legend

Project Ident Project Description (Principal Investigator)
P361Studies of Relativistic Binary Pulsars (Bailes)
P427Timing of millisecond pulsars in globular clusters (D'Amico)
P455Timing & geodetic precession in the double pulsar (Burgay)
P456A millisecond pulsar timing array (Hobbs)
P483Improving the terrestrial and celestial reference frame through Southern Hemisphere Geodetic VLBI Observations (Titov)
P574Pulsar Timing and the Fermi and AGILE missions (Shannon)
P595PULSE@Parkes (Hollow)
P602The remarkably active radio magnetar 1E 1547.0-5408 (Camilo)
P626NAPA: Searching for radio pulsations triggered by the X-ray outburst of magnetars (Burgay)
P628ASKAP 64m + PTB 12m tests (Reynolds)
P630The High Time Resolution Universe (Champion)
P641HI Intensity Mapping: Parkes-2dFGRS and BAO science (Li)
P669Galaxy Evolution - A Pathfinder Study (Bauer)
P693Can Parkes Be A Galactic 21-cm Zeeman Machine? (Robishaw)
P737Instrumental calibration for pulsar observing at Parkes (Hobbs)
P778A new deep search for millisecond pulsars in globular clusters (Possenti)
P786Transient Radio Neutron Stars (Burke-Spolaor)
P789Timing of Binary & Millisecond Pulsars Discovered at Parkes (Keith)
P791Monitoring known X-ray magnetars for intermittent radio emission (Camilo)
P813New Pulsars from Einstein@Home (Knispel)
P814Millisecond pulsar searches in unidentified Fermi sources at high Galactic latitudes (Camilo)
P817SPLASH: A Southern Parkes Large Area Survey in Hydroxyl (Dawson)
P819Mapping the Cosmic Web (Staveley-Smith)
P824Confirmation and timing of new millisecond pulsars (Mickaliger)
P831Filling in the 2MASX Redshift Zone of Avoidance (Kraan-Korteweg)
P832Bridging the Gap in Pulsar Modulation Timescales with PSR J1107-5907 (Young)
P833Characterizing the structure of an unusually cold high latitude cloud (Veneziani)
P834Vacation Student Program (Johnston)