2013OCT Proposal Summary

2013OCT Observing Schedule Proposals Legend

Project Ident Project Description (Principal Investigator)
P361Studies of Relativistic Binary Pulsars (Bhat)
P427Timing of millisecond pulsars in globular clusters (D'Amico)
P455Timing & geodetic precession in the double pulsar (Burgay)
P456A millisecond pulsar timing array (Hobbs)
P574Pulsar Timing and the Fermi and AGILE missions (Shannon)
P595PULSE@Parkes (Pulsar Student Exploration online at Parkes)
P602The remarkably active radio magnetar 1E 1547.0-5408 (Camilo)
P626NAPA: Searching for radio pulsations triggered by the X-ray outburst of magnetars (Burgay)
P630The High Time Resolution Universe (Champion)
P669Galaxy Evolution - A Pathfinder Study (Bauer)
P737Instrumental calibration for pulsar observing at Parkes (Hobbs)
P743Timing of New Magellanic Cloud Pulsars (Crawford)
P778A new deep search for millisecond pulsars in globular clusters (Possenti)
P786Transient Radio Neutron Stars (Burke-Spolaor)
P789Timing of Binary & Millisecond Pulsars Discovered at Parkes (Keith)
P791Monitoring known X-ray magnetars for intermittent radio emission (Camilo)
P813New Pulsars from Einstein@Home (Keane)
P817SPLASH: A Southern Parkes Large Area Survey in Hydroxyl (Dawson)
P819Mapping the Cosmic Web (Staveley-Smith)
P831Filling in the 2MASX Redshift Zone of Avoidance (Kraan-Korteweg)
P834Searching for the pulsar in SN1987A (Staveley-Smith)
P835Vacation Student Program (Johnston)
P848A Slow Neutron Star or a Heavyweight White Dwarf? (Keane)
P849Pilot observations at 74 MHz for global 21cm cosmology with the Parkes 64 m (Bannister)
P850Studying intermittency in PSR J1717-4054 (Hobbs)
P852Detecting high-energy gamma-ray emission from a newly-discovered magnetar (Ekers)
P855A Parkes transit survey for pulsed radio emission during windstows and maintenance (Shannon)
P856Tracing the Magnetic Field in Galactic WNM Filaments (Robishaw)