On Eagle's Wing: The Story of the Parkes Apollo 11 Support

Highlights from the Television Broadcasts

First 9 1/2 minutes of the International Version of the TV Broadcast (NASA telerecorded kine version)

The switching from one station to another is clearly evident. The clip begins with the acquisition of signal and ends with the switch to Parkes and the subsequent improvement in picture quality. NOTE: The low resolution MPEG file has very marginal quality. Downloading the larger file will show the changes and picture quality better. Click here to view the MPEG files.

Low Resolution Version (8.5 MB) and the
High Resolution Version (157 MB) or WINZIP Version (64.2 MB). Files digitised by Mark Greentree.

Click here to download the NET2 comms. By playing the above video and NET2 communications loop recording simultaneously, you can confirm the comparative timings.
WAV version (31.7 MB) or WINZIP WAV version (23.6 MB) or MP3 version (2.9 MB) Files digitised by Andrew Hunt.

Short Video Clip Segments of the Broadcast

Clips courtesy of NASA and the Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Journal compiled by Eric M. Jones.

Click on the links to download the video clips
Click on images to see the full-size versions

Armstrong Stepping on to the Moon.
Through Honeysuckle Creek

MPEG Version (1.9 MB)

Photo shows a pre-flight artists impression of Armstrong stepping onto the Moon. Note the position of the MESA to his left. The TV camera was mounted in it.

Aldrin Descending Ladder to the Surface.
Through Parkes

QuickTime Version (2.9 MB)

Note the improved quality of the video image, compared to the above clip. It has the same camera angle and lighting conditions. The improved quality is due solely to the Parkes reception. This video clip is often shown in news stories and documentaries as Armstrong descending the ladder rather than as Aldrin.

Armstrong and Aldrin Reading the Plaque.
Through Parkes

QuickTime Version (3.2 MB) or MPEG Version (1.8 MB)

The photograph is of the plaque on the LM ladder leg.

President Nixon talks with the Astronauts.
Through Parkes

MPEG Version (3.4 MB)

Aldrin salutes the flag. Shortly after this photograph was taken, President Nixon spoke to the astronauts, and wished for ".. peace and tranquility on the Earth."

Aldrin Kangaroo Hopping.
Through Parkes

QuickTime Version (3.9 MB) or MPEG Version (3.6 MB)

Aldrin performed so called kangaroo hops to demonstrate mobility on the surface. Armstrong is working near the MESA in the background.

Aldrin Deploys the Solar Wind Experiment.
Through Parkes

QuickTime Version (3.4 MB)

The solar wind experiment involved unfurling a sheet of aluminium foil to trap charged particles eminating from the Sun.

Aldrin Extracts a Surface Core Sample.
Through Parkes

QuickTime Version (3.4 MB)

Aldrin hammered a core tube to extract a sample of the soil.

Aldrin Deploys the EASEP.
Through Parkes

QuickTime Version (3.1 MB)

The Early Apollo Surface Experiments Package (EASEP) included a seismometer and laser retro-reflector.

Aldrin Re-enters the LM Eagle.
Through Parkes

QuickTime Version (4.8 MB)

Aldrin re-enters the LM. The photograph shows Aldrin on the porch as he prepared to exit the LM approx. 1 1/2 hours earlier.

Armstrong Re-enters the LM Eagle.
Through Parkes

QuickTime Version (3.4 MB)

Armstrong re-enters the LM and closes out the EVA. The duration of the EVA was 2 hours 31 minutes and 40 seconds (hatch open to hatch closed). The photograph shows Armstrong resting in the LM following the EVA.

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