The 2016 CWAS AstroFest

"The David Malin Awards"
The Shortlisted Finalists

The Central West Astronomical Society is proud to announce that the judging in the 2016 CWAS Astrophotography Awards - the "David Malin Awards" has been completed. The following images are the shortlisted finalists. The winners will be announced, and presented with their awards, during the 2016 CWAS AstroFest, held in Parkes from 16-17 July 2016.

This year's competition had eight categories:

  • Deep Sky
  • Wide-Field
  • Nightscapes
  • Solar System
  • Animated Sequences:
    • Scientific
    • Aesthetic
  • Themed Section - "Light Pollution: The Bad and the Beautiful"
  • Junior (18 years old or younger)

The photographs were judged by world-renowned astrophotographer, Dr David Malin, without David being aware of the identity of the photographers. The winners will be presented with the "David Malin Awards" in the presence of invited dignitaries, during the CWAS AstroFest conference dinner on 16 July 2016.

It was not just technical skill that was assessed. The prizes will go to pictures that are technically excellent and capture the beauty of the sky and the intrinsic interest of astronomy in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Canon Australia is supporting the competition with Estore Vouchers valued at over $10,000 (depending on the number of individual winners).

Mr Jeff Darmanin, a News Corp Australia, Picture Editor, has judged the "Photo Editor's Choice" awards and has given his pick from each category, plus an overall winner.

Last year's associated exhibitions were a resounding success. The two parallel exhibitions were viewed by over 205,000 people Australia-wide.

This year's permanent exhibition will be on show at the CSIRO Parkes Observatory's Visitor's Centre from 17 July 2016, for an entire year. A second touring exhibition, organised by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, will travel to selected venues country-wide, beginning with Sydney Observatory on 13 August 2016.

To have received any one of these awards is a great honour. Congratulations!

The Shortlisted Finalists by Category

(in alphabetical order)

Click on the images to see the larger versions.

Theme - "Light Pollution: The Bad and the Beautiful"

© Greg_Bradley

© Neil Creek
"Vanuatu Milky Way"
Greg Bradley
"The Milky Way over Bonnie Doon"
Neil Creek

© Andrew Davis

© Peter Hilkmann

© Kristen McEwan
"Oberon Mill Illumination"
Andrew Davis
"Chuch of the Good Shepherd under the Milky Way"
Peter Hilkmann
"Guiding Lights"
Kristen McEwan

Solar System

© Stefan Buda

© Edward Dobosz
"Saturn 2016"
Stefan Buda
"Lunar Limb Flyover"
Edward Dobosz

© Craig Semple

© Peter Ward

© Peter Ward
"The Hidden Colours of the Moon"
Craig Semple
"Jet Stream"
Peter Ward
"Stellar Rip"
Peter Ward


© Judith Conning

© Judith Conning

© Arwen Dyerk
"Arctic Nights"
Judith Conning
"Night at the Beach"
Judith Conning
"Fleeting Light"
Arwen Dyer

© Stephen Humpleby

© Svantje Mertens

© James Stone
"Stormy Stars"
Stephen Humpleby
"Conjunction Cross"
Svantje Mertens
"Exaltation Moon Warrior"
James Stone


© Troy Casswell

© Alex Cherney
"Smilin' Orion"
Troy Casswell
"Close Comet, Planets and the Milky Way"
Alex Cherney

© Phil Hart

© Chris Marklew
"Rival to Mars"
Phil Hart

"The Large Magellanic Cloud"
Chris Marklew

Deep Sky

© Scott Carnie-Bronca

© Bill Christie
"The Tarantula Nebula"
Scott Carnie-Bronca
"M7 Open Cluster in a Sea of Stars"
Bill Christie

© Paul Haese

© Peter Ward

© Peter Ward
"Star Factory"
Paul Haese
"Trumpler 14"
Peter Ward
"Star City"
Peter Ward

Animated Sequences

(videos not yet available)

© Stephen Humpleby
"Stars of the Southern Skies"
Stephen Humpleby

© James Stone

© Peter Ward
"Under the Southern Lights"
James Stone
"The Solar Limb"
Peter Ward

Canon Australia Prizes

"Canon is proud of our long term association with CWAS AstroFest," said Alan Brightman, General Manager - SUNSTUDIOS, Canon Australia. "These awards showcase the extraordinary beauty of our night sky and wonderful night time landscapes, especially as they come alive in exhibition prints. With patience, commitment and good equipment, these photographers capture breathtaking images."

Canon Australia supports the 2016 competition with Estore Vouchers valued at of over $10,000 (depending on the number of individual winners).

In addition, the exhibition prints are produced using a Canon iPF 9400 printer at SUNSTUDIOS.

Congratulations to the finalists!

We look forward to seeing you in Parkes for the 2016 CWAS AstroFest and the presentation of the "David Malin Awards". Be the first to hear the results of the competition. Come along and experience the hospitality of the Central West and share with us your enthusiasm for the grandeur and beauty of astronomy. Click here for more information on the 2016 CWAS AstroFest.

The 2016 CWAS "David Malin Awards" is proudly supported by Canon Australia and

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