The 2019 CWAS AstroFest

"The David Malin Awards"
The Shortlisted Finalists

The Central West Astronomical Society is proud to announce that the judging in the 2019 CWAS Astrophotography Awards - the "David Malin Awards" has been completed. The following images are the shortlisted finalists. The winners will be announced, and presented with their awards, during a special ceremony on Friday night, 19 July 2019, at the CSIRO Parkes Observatory's Visitor's Centre. The 2019 CWAS AstroFest is this year being held in conjunction with the CSIRO Parkes Osbervatory's Apollo 11 50th anniversary Open Days on 20-21 July 2019.

This year's competition had eight categories:

  • Deep Sky
  • Wide-Field
  • Nightscapes
  • Solar System
  • Animated Sequences:
    • Scientific
    • Aesthetic
  • Themed Section - "Memories of Apollo"
  • Junior (18 years old or younger)

The photographs were judged by world-renowned astrophotographer, Dr David Malin, without David being aware of the identity of the photographers. The winners will be presented with the "David Malin Awards" in the presence of invited dignitaries, during a special ceremony at the CSIRO Parkes Observatory's Visitors Centre on Friday night, 19 July 2019.

It was not just technical skill that was assessed. The prizes will go to pictures that are technically excellent and capture the beauty of the sky and the intrinsic interest of astronomy in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Canon Australia is supporting the competition with Estore Vouchers to the value of $10,000.

Mr Jeff Darmanin, a News Corp. Australia Picture Editor, has judged the "Photo Editor's Choice" awards and has given his pick from each category, plus an overall winner. These will be announced during the presentation ceremony.

Last year's associated exhibitions were a resounding success. The two parallel exhibitions were viewed by over 200,000 people Australia-wide.

This year's permanent exhibition will be on show at the CSIRO Parkes Observatory's Visitor's Centre from Saturday, 20 July 2019, for an entire year. A second touring exhibition, organised by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, will travel to selected venues country-wide, beginning with Sydney Observatory on Saturday, 28 September 2019.

To have received any one of these awards is a great honour. Congratulations!

The Shortlisted Finalists by Category

(in no particular order)

Click on the images to see the larger versions.

Theme - "Memories of Apollo"

© Peter Patonai

© Neil Creek
"Earth, Moon and Mars"
Peter Patonai
"Lunar Generations"
Neil Creek

© Stephen Mudge

© Matthew Hudson

© Matthew Hudson
"Tribute to Apollo 11"
Stephen Mudge
"Supermoon behind Opera House"
Matthew Hudson
"Moon over Nobby's lighhouse"
Matthew Hudson

Solar System

© Trent McDougall

© Phil Hart
"Touch the Sky"
Trent McDougall
Phil Hart

© Eddie Trimarchi

© Eddie Trimarchi
"Colourful Waning Gobbous Moon"
Eddie Trimarchi
"Colourful Apennines"
Eddie Trimarchi


© Jarrod Koh

© Phil Hart

© Luke Tscharke
"Odin's Eye"
Jarrod Koh
"Itsi Mountains Aurora"
Phil Hart
"Moonbow Magic"
Luke Tscharke

© Alex van Harmelen

© Benjamin Alldridge

© Jan Breckwoldt
"Svalbard Illumination"
Alex van Harmelen
"Galactic Ghost"
Benjamin Alldridge
"Moonrise in the Snowy Mountains"
Jan Breckwoldt

© Steven Morris
"Reach Out"
Steven Morris


© Ross Giakoumatos

© Troy Casswell
"The Witch Head Nebula in Eridanus"
Ross Giakoumatos
"Magellanic Cloud Structures"
Troy Casswell

© Troy Casswell

© Troy Casswell
"The Scorpion's Tail"
Troy Casswell
"Jupiter Rides the Scorpion"
Troy Casswell

© Peter Ward
"Argo Navis"
Peter Ward

Deep Sky

© Peter Rejto

© Matthew Hudson
"Eta Carina Nebula (3372)"
Peter Rejto
"Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex"
Matthew Hudson

© Andrew Campbell

© Peter Ward
"Thor's Helmet"
Andrew Campbell
"Stellar Cauldron"
Peter Ward

© William Vrbasso

© Andrew Campbell
"The Jewels in Orion's Sword"
William Vrbasso
"The Amazing Sombrero Galaxy"
Andrew Campbell


© Austin Turpin
"How small it makes me feel"
Austin Turpin

Animated Sequences

(video not yet available)

© Phil Hart
"The Moon in Motion"
Phil Hart

Canon Australia Prizes

Canon Australia is supporting the competition with Estore Voucher prizes to the value of $10,000. "Canon is proud to continue to be involved with the CWAS AstroFest", said Kate Guaran, General Manager, Consumer & Product Marketing, Canon Australia. "It enables us to celebrate the people behind the camera who, with patience and commitment, truly capture the beauty of what is possible, to produce incredible other-worldly images."

In addition, the exhibition prints are produced using Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 and Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 printers at SUNSTUDIOS.

Congratulations to the finalists!

We look forward to seeing you in Parkes for the 2019 CWAS AstroFest, and the CSIRO Parkes Observatory Open Days, for the presentation of the "David Malin Awards". Come along and experience the hospitality of the Central West and share with us your enthusiasm for the grandeur and beauty of astronomy. Click here for more information on the 2019 CWAS AstroFest.

The 2019 CWAS "David Malin Awards" is proudly supported by Canon Australia and

Comments and Enquiries: John Sarkissian OAM of the AstroFest Organising Committee