The David Jauncey Workshop

Variable Radio Universe Workshop
10-11 July 2003
at Parkes Observatory

In honour of David Jauncey's 65th Birthday

"The Variable Radio Universe Workshop" to mark the occasion of Dave Jauncey's 65th birthday, will be held in Parkes, NSW on July 10 and 11, 2003. The program will treat radio variability on all time scales from pulsars to cosmic times, covering many of the areas where Dave has worked, and will consist of both invited and contributed talks.

Session Participants:

Where possible all electronic presentations for the Variable Radio Universe Workshop will be made from a single PC supplied by the Observatory - in order to avoid the `laptop shuffle'. To ensure that the chair of your session has a copy of your presentation, please email it or an accessible web location from which it can be downloaded, to the following email address ASAP: jaunceyfest @

A simple alternative would be to arrive with a copy of your presentation on CD or similar universal medium, and ensure that you make it available to your session chair or a member of the LOC well in advance of your scheduled slot. We will attempt to test run presentations before the sessions so as to resolve possible incompatibilities associated with non-standard fonts, media players and so on.


Wednesday, 9th July, 2003

11:00Bus leaves from ATNF
13:00 - 13:30Sightseeing at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.
13:30 - 14:30Lunch at "Leura Post Office"
18:00Bus arrives in Parkes - Check in to motels.
18:30 - 20:00Cocktail Reception/Registration at Parkes International Country Comfort Motel, Newell Highway Parkes.
20:30Transfer to Parkes Observatory Quarters. For those travelling on the bus and staying at Parkes Observatory Quarters there will be a site car from Parkes International Motel after the reception departing at 20:30 to Telescope Observers Quarters.

Thursday, 10th July, 2003

08:00Bus departs North Parkes Motel for Telescope
08:30Late registration & morning coffee at Dish Café.
09:00Chair (Ken Kellermann)

Marshall Cohen, IPS, Lunar Occultations, and VLBI
Barney Rickert, ISS and IDV
Don Melrose, Scintillations Due to Sinusoidal Turbulence
Mark Walker, New Developments in Blobology
Hayley Bignall, The PKS 1257-326 Story

11:15Chair (Marshall Cohen)

Dave Jauncey, Scintillating Serenely with Strauss
Ger deBruyn, J1819+3845: 4 Years of Exciting Discoveries
J.P. Macquart, Diffractive Scintillation and the Polarized Structure of J1819+3845
Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer, Circular Polarization in IDV's
Jim Lovell, MASIV Results from the First Year
Roopesh Ojha, VLBA Snap-shot Imaging of Scintillating Sources

13:10Lunch in Marquee
14:10Chair (Richard Schilizzi)

Stefan Wagner, IDV - An Intrinsic Phenomena?
Tasso Tzioumis, GPS Sources and Variability
Geoff Bicknell: The Physics of GPS and CSS sources
Leonid, Matveyenko, Low Frequency Variability and Absorption of AGN Core Emission
Richard Hunstead, 843 MHz Variability, Quasars, Radio Galaxies, X-Ray Binaries, Pulsars, and Jupiter.

16:00Break (Accompanying guests arrive on site)
16:30Dave Malin, Images from Science
17:30Tour of the Telescope
19:00Drinks and Dinner (19:30) in the Marquee
21:30First Bus to town (max. 14 passengers)
22:30Last Bus to town (max. 50 passengers)

Friday, 11th July, 2003

07:40Bus departs Hamilton's Henry Parkes Motel for Telescope
07:45Bus departs Bushman Motel and International Motel (just across the road)
07:50Bus departs North Parkes Motel and Spanish Lantern
08:30Chair (Ron Ekers)

Dan Harris, X-Ray Variability in Extragalactic Jets
Steve Tingay, VLBI Structure of Cen-A, the Closest Radio Galaxy
David Meier, The Formation of Radio Jets
Nickolai Kardashev, High Brightness Temperature Radio Sources
Hisashi Hirabayashi, The Longest Baselines: Radio Telescopes in Orbit
Dave Murphy, iARISE: an International, Two-spacecraft Space VLBI Mission to Image Black Holes at the Microarcsecond Level

11:00Chair (John Reynolds)

Dick Manchester, Pulsars, the Most Variable of All Radio Sources
Carl Gwinn, Pulsars and the ISM
Ken Johnston, T Tau, A Very Interesting Variable Star
Miller Goss, Sgr A*

12:30Lunch in Marquee
13:30 Chair (Roy Booth)

Phil Edwards, Three-fifths of Five-eighths of Bugger All
Jim Moran, Water Masers in AGN
Roy Booth, Methanol Masers
Jamie McCallum, Scintillation of the Circinus Galaxy's Megamasers

15:30Chair (Tasso Tzioumis)

Steven Carter, Artificial Intelligence and Radio Astronomy
Jim Condon, Population Variability on Cosmological Time Scales
Jasper Wall, Variability, Likelihood, and the Redshift cutoff
Ron Ekers, The ATNF 22 GHz Survey
Leonid Gurvits, MilliJansky and Milliarcsecond Surveys

17:30Bus to Parkes Motels
DINNER FRIDAY:Participants are to make their own arrangements for dinner.

Block bookings have been made at North Parkes Motel (Ph: 02 6863 4333) and Parkes International Country Comfort Motel (Ph: 02 6862 5222). Suggestion: ... finalise your own reservation sometime Thursday for Dinner Friday night.

Saturday, 12th July, 2003

09:50DEPART Charter bus for Sydney from North Parkes Motel
10:00DEPART Charter bus departs from Parkes International Motel for Marsfield
13:30LUNCH at the historic Hydromajestic Hotel, Meadlow Bath, overlooking the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains. (The buffet luncheon is $26/head)
17:30Arrive at CSIRO ATNF Marsfield site

If you need further assistance please email Julia Hockings
of the Local Organising Committee on
Tel: +61 2 6861 1724
Fax:+61 2 6861 1730

Or for assistance in Sydney please email Gwenyth Manefield
Tel: +61 2 9372 4250

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