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BasicTcpServer Member List

This is the complete list of members for BasicTcpServer, including all inherited members.

BasicTcpServer(int portNum, int maxClients=5, const char *intro=NULL)BasicTcpServer
clientListBasicTcpServer [protected]
clientListMutexBasicTcpServer [protected]
doServerOp(ClientInfo *ci)=0BasicTcpServer [protected, pure virtual]
errMsgBasicTcpServer [protected]
idBasicTcpServer [protected]
onConnect(ClientInfo *curr)BasicTcpServer [protected, virtual]
onDisconnect(ClientInfo *curr)BasicTcpServer [protected, virtual]
posBasicTcpServer [protected]
readLine(int fd, char *buf, int maxBytes)BasicTcpServer [protected]
readn(int fd, char *buf, int nBytes, int timeOut)BasicTcpServer [protected]
SCHED_POLICYBasicTcpServer [protected, static]
setDebug(bool onOff)BasicTcpServer [inline]
setDebugAll(bool onOff)BasicTcpServer [inline, static]
setID(const char *id)BasicTcpServer [inline]
threadAttrBasicTcpServer [protected]
threadParamBasicTcpServer [protected]
~BasicTcpServer()BasicTcpServer [virtual]

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