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ControlRegister Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for ControlRegister:

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file control_register.h.

Public Member Functions

void add (RegisterField *field)
 ControlRegister (const char *id, CommsDevice *cd, int cmdVal)
 ControlRegister (const char *id, CommsDevice *cd, MonitorRegister *mirror)
 ControlRegister (const char *id, CommsDevice *cd, MonitorPoint *mirror)
CommsDevicegetCommsDev ()
RegisterField::MapgetFieldMap ()
const char * getID ()
const char * getOptions ()
const char * getTimestamp ()
virtual const char * getUpdate ()
int getVal ()
bool hasID (const char *fieldName)
bool hasUpdate ()
void init (int dsAddr, Dataset::Op_t dsOp, int ptAddr)
void print ()
virtual const char * read (const char *fieldName)
virtual const char * read ()
void setDebug (bool onOff)
int write (int val)
const char * write (const char *val)
int write (int val, int mask)
int write (const char *fieldName, int val)
const char * write (const char *fieldName, const char *valStr)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setDebugAll (bool onOff)
 A method to enable/disable printing of debug statements for a single object.

Protected Types

 A method to enable/disable printing of debug statements for the class.

Protected Attributes

int cmdVal
int commDevType
int dsAddr
Dataset::Op_t dsOp
const char * id
int primaryAddr
int ptAddr
char response [120]
int secondaryAdddr
char timestamp [15]
char update [400]
bool updated
bool written

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