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PfiefferVacGauge Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file pfieffer_vac_gauge.h.

Public Types

typedef double(* LinearFunc )(double)

Public Member Functions

void add (LinearFunc l)
CommsDevicegetCommsDev ()
const char * getFormat ()
const char * getFormattedVal ()
float getFval ()
virtual const char * getID ()
int getInterval ()
int getIval ()
float getLowerLimit ()
const char * getMaxTime ()
float getMaxVal ()
const char * getMinTime ()
float getMinVal ()
int getPrimaryAddress ()
int getRefNum ()
virtual CommsDevice::State getState ()
int getStatus ()
const char * getTimestamp ()
const char * getUnits ()
float getUpperLimit ()
bool hasExceededLowerLimit ()
bool hasExceededUpperLimit ()
virtual bool hasID (const char *id)
void init (Dataset::Op_t dsOp, Dataset::Cat_t dsCat, int dsAddr, int ptAddr, char *format, int interval, bool enabled, char *desc)
int init (const char *dbLine)
void init (int dsAddr, int interval, bool enabled)
virtual int initComms ()
bool isEnabled ()
 PfiefferVacGauge (const char *name, Dataset *ds, MonitorRegister *vacPwrMonReg, const char *vacPwrFieldID)
void prependID (const char *str)
virtual int read (float *val)
virtual int read (int *val)
const char * read (const char *id)
const char * read ()
void setDebug (bool onOff)
void setEnabled (bool onOff)
void setLimits (float lower, float upper)
void setOffset (float offset)
void setScale (float scale)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setDebugAll (bool onOff)
 A method to enable/disable printing of debug statements for a single object.

Protected Member Functions

void checkLimits (float fval)
int parseDbLine (const char *dbLine)
void printDbParams ()

Protected Attributes

int commDevType
DbParams dbp
float fval
int ival
LinearFunc lineariser
bool lowerLimitReached
int mask
char maxTime [15]
float maxVal
char minTime [15]
float minVal
int primaryAddr
 A method to enable/disable printing of debug statements for the class.
time_t readTime
char response [120]
int secondaryAddr
char timestamp [15]
bool upperLimitReached
char valStr [30]

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