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WaveFormDesc Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 9 of file wf_desc.h.

Public Types


Public Member Functions

void config (int period, int pulseWidth, int startPhase, long syncCycleLen, long long refBat)
void config (int period, int pulseWidth, int startPhase)
int getEventLine ()
virtual long long getNextBat (long long currBat, long dUT)
virtual long long getNextBat (long long currBat)
bool getNextLevel ()
int getPeriod ()
int getPulseWidth ()
bool getStartLevel ()
bool isConfigured ()
bool isEnabled ()
virtual void reset ()
void setEnabled (bool b)
virtual void update ()
 WaveFormDesc (int eventLine, long long refBat, long long syncCycleLen)
 WaveFormDesc (int eventLine)

Protected Attributes

pthread_mutex_t accessMutex
bool enabled
int eventLine
long long nextBat
bool nextLevel
long long period
long long pulseWidth
long long refBat
long long spaceWidth
bool startLevel
long long syncCycleLen

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