1. Preface

1.1. About this Guide

This manual describes how to apply for observing time, plan and carry out observations and the data access protocols for the CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope.

A PDF version is available here .

This manual is a reference guide and it is not necessary that it be read to completion in order to use Parkes. Chapter 1 describes the telescope and the observatory grounds. Chapter 2 details the various receiver and correlators at Parkes. Information in this chapter can be useful for any planning of science proposals and/or upcoming observations. Chapter 3 deals with applying for and planning with Parkes. Chapter 4 goes into detail regarding remote observations and what is needed to be done before and during your observations. Finally, Chapter 5 gives a short introduction to data storage, handling and reduction.

If you find that this guide does not accurately describe the correct usage of Parkes or its subsequent systems, please email the Parkes Users Guide (PUG) editorial team at <xxx_userguide@atnf.csiro.au>. Comments to the documentation are especially welcomed.

1.2. Conventions

Please note the following conventions are used throughout this document.

  • Computer system names, e.g., joffrey
  • Software packages, e.g., Miriad
  • Software program, e.g., TCS
  • Command tip example, e.g.


df -h

  • Filename and path, e.g. nova.conf is located in /nfs/online
  • Keyboard key combination, e.g., Press Ctrl+A to switch between services.
  • Placeholder for changeable parameter, e.g. medusa#
  • Optional parameter, e.g. [#]
  • Observing hints, attention and warnings, e.g.


This is an observing hint.


This is a warning message.

  • Source code snippets, e.g.
In [69]: lines = plot([1,2,3])

In [70]: setp(lines)
  alpha: float
  animated: [True | False]
  antialiased or aa: [True | False]