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7. TroubleShooting

This section describes some commonly encountered problems at the Parkes RadioTelescope and provides receipes for overcoming them. It is by no means an exhaustive list of all problems, but will hopefully provide a starting place. This section is constantly changing, check back regularly for updates. Also search the on-line fault reports and responses for problems and solutions. In the case of serious problems (those which endanger you or the telescope equipment), notify the Call–out person immediately.

7.1 VNC servers not running

If for some reason the power on joffrey goes off, as user pksobs, ssh to joffrey and type the following:

Once this is done, reconnect with your chosen VNC viewer. If there are no programs running, you may have to restart from scratch, refer to @ref{VNC Connection} for details.

Generally, only operations staff should be doing the above.

7.2 Unable to access VNC Servers

To access the VNC sessions, you need to connect through a gateway host, with SSH. There are two gateway hosts:

Please take care you use the correct username and password (the same as you use for PORTAL). If you make too many failed login attempts, you will be blocked from logging in. If you are blocked, you have these options: use the other gateway host, with the correct credentials try connecting to the gateway from a different computer (must have a different IP address) contact support to get your IP address unblocked.

7.3 Switch Matrix gets stuck

The Switch Matrix can sometimes get stuck (e.g. after a loss of UPS). To fix it up, restart the server on JOFFREY:

    cd SwitchMatrix

If this does not remedy the situation, contact support.

7.4 PKMC hangs or does not respond

Usually when the PKMC GUI goes blank or becomes unresponsive, it probably means the front-end server on "pkicc00" needs to be restarted.

    ssh pksobs\@pkicc00
    pkicc00:~$ ps aux | grep main (is there a 'main' process?)
    pkicc00:~$ ./pkicc00.main.kill
    pkicc00:~$ ./pkicc00.main.start 

If you experience problems with viewing the Cal Control Unit, Multibeam Cable Equalizer, etc, to the same as above, but for pkicc01.

7.5 Correlator issues

refer to the checklist in the Troubleshooting chapter of the online correlator guide here

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