Parkes NAPA, ToO and Director's Time requests.

Non A Priori Assignable (NAPA) proposals are scheduled at the same time as regular proposals and triggered if an when pre-determined criteria are met. Requests for Target of Opportunity (ToO) observations or Director's Time (blocks of time which are not scheduled for other activities) may be submitted at any time. Please refer to the ATNF guidelines for NAPA, Target of Opportunity and Director's Time requests. Projects allocated time for ToO or Director's Time which are not covered by an existing observation code are assigned a PX... number. Recent NAPA observations and PX numbers are listed below.

PX047 Caleb J1348-630 JAN-19
PX046 Tingay PKS 1718-649 DEC-18
PX045 Dai/Ekers PULSAR NOV-18
PX044 Norris SMC AUG-18
PX043 Myers PULSAR AUG-18
PX042 van Straten/Primak PULSAR APR-18
PX041 Petroff FRB JAN-18
PX040 Mader Summer Vacation Project JAN-18
PX039 Oslowski FRB DEC-17
PX038 Various Digitiser Test Observations DEC-17
PX037 Burgay NOV-17
PX035* Keane
PX035 Bradley
PX032* Goldman
PX032 Shannon SN1987A 17-nov-2016
PX031 Hobbs/Zhang Pulsar candidate 02-jun-2016
PX030 Burgay Pulsar candidate 10-oct-2015
PX029 Shannon FRB follow-up 25-aug-2015
PX028 Keane Formalhaut neutron star companion? 2-feb-2015
PX027 Tingay/Reynolds/Stevens Follow-up of MWA source 20-jan-2015
PX026 Lehtinen/Reynolds Occultation 15-jan-2015
PX025 Keane/Barr South Galactic Pole 04-dec-2014
PX024 Burgay/Rea X-ray Dim Isolated Neutron Star 06-nov-2014
P875 Ravi/Shannon GRB140420 1 hr observation -- no detection 20-apr-2014
P875 Ravi/Shannon GRB140413 2.25 hr observation -- no detection 13-apr-2014
PX023 Possenti 02-mar-2014
PX022 Hessels Catching the reappearance of an enshrouded millisecond radio pulsar 14-nov-2013
PX021 Camilo Fermi pulsar follow-up 10-nov-2013,
Papitto An eclipsing millisecond pulsar in M28 Results 29-apr-2013,
PX020 Burgay New soft gamma-ray repeater Results 25-mar-2010
PX017 Possenti The newly discovered X-ray millisecond binary pulsar SWIFT J1756.9-2508 Related Result 2007AprT
PX016 Camilo The unusual radio pulsar 1E 1547.0-5408 Result 2007AprT
PX015 Johnston VLBI search for extraterrestrial intelligence (GL581) Result 2007AprT
PX014 Tzioumis LBA observation of Circinus X-1 (observed as VX011) Related Result 06-mar-2007
PX012 Bailes Confirmation of MSP from Swinburne Survey 07-jan-2007
PX011 Burgay Monitoring of AXP candidate CXO J164710.2-455216 Related Result 06-jan-2007,
PX010 Israel Anomalous among Anomalous: XTE J1810-197 2006AprT
PX009 Camilo Studying transient emission from the magnetar XTE J1810-197 2006AprT
PX007 Bock Search for pulsed radio emission from SNR G315.4-2.3 2002SepT
PX006 Dodson The X-ray pulsar XTE J0929-314 2002JanT
PX005 Camilo/Manchester Attempted detection of the X-ray pulsar J1751-3037 2002JanT
PX004 Camilo Searching for the Radio Counterpart to a 700-yr-old X-ray Pulsar 2000MayT
PX003 Stairs ToO Observations of AX J0043-737 2000JanT
PX002 R. Edwards ToO Observations of SGR 1627-41 1999JanT
PX001 Kaspi ToO Observations of SGR 1900+14 1999JanT

Modified: Jimi Green (30-Jan-2018)