Parkes summary for current projects utilising FAST time

This page lists the projects that are utilising the FAST/NAOC time on Parkes, in addition to the core project of following up pulsar detections made with FAST, for further information on NAOC see here.

Project Code PI Dates Title
PX500/501Taotao Fang2018 October Semester (2018OCT)
HI Survey of Nearby Edge-On Galaxies
An HI observing campaign of several Chandra-observed nearby edge-on Galaxies, intended to study the correlation between galactic parameters.
PX500/501George Hobbs2018 October Semester (2018OCT)
Analysis of state switching pulsars
A small-scale survey of the complete sample of intermittent pulsars.
PX500/501George Hobbs
(Andrew Cameron)
2018 October Semester (2018OCT)
Mapping the orbit of a nulling, long-period binary pulsar
A campaign designed to map and solve the orbit of the pulsar J1812-15, an as-yet unpublished discovery of the HTRU-S Galactic Plane survey which also shows nulling behaviour.
PX500/501Di Li2018 October Semester (2018OCT)
Target of Opportunity observations of transient events
We propose to set up a Target of Opportunity (ToO) program within the PX500/501 project to follow up transient events.
PX500/501Junzhi Wang2018 October Semester (2018OCT)
Isotope ratios of 12C/13C from formaldehyde in the Galactic central region
We propose detailed mapping observations of the 1_11-1_10 lines of H2CO and H213CO toward significant areas covering characteristic GC clouds. In this way we can determine accurately the isotope ratio of 12C/13C towards the GC region.
PX500/501Renxin Xu2018 October Semester (2018OCT)
Single Pulse Study
Search mode observations of bright pulsars, aiming to reveal the radio radiation mechanism of pulsars with their single pulse properties.
PX500/501Wu Yuefang2018 October Semester (2018OCT)
Interaction of pulse nulling and sub-pulse drifting
We apply for single pulse observations of seven pulsars, all of which show nulling and three of which appear to show drifting behaviour.
PX500/501Wu Yuefang2018 October Semester (2018OCT)
Linear carbon chain molecules and their formation
Observations of Planck cold cores and protostars using lines of HC7N, intended to probe components of stellar formation mechanisms.

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