Shutdown to Replace the Zenith Axis Gears

Replacement of the
Zenith Axis Gears
of the CSIRO's Parkes Telescope

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Cleaning the Racks

The zenith axis racks were cleaned of grease and other grime, in preparation for the later grinding of the teeth. The grinding of the teeth will be performed once the zenith axis gears have been replaced.

Removing the Zenith Axis Gear boxes - 20 September 2002.

Before the gear boxes were removed, Andrew Hunt examined the resetter box. (Eagle eyed viewers may notice that Andrew is not wearing a safety helmet, contrary to Parkes site safety procedures. This decision was taken after some discussion, given that Andrew was directly under the counterweight in this position, and the helmet was obscuring his movement and vision.)

The zenith axis motors were removed and the crane was brought in to remove the gear boxes.

The right-hand zenith gears were the first to be removed. The chains were put in place by Barry Turner and his team and when the bolts were loosened by Jon Crocker, the gear box slowly lifted out of place. The lifting happened so smoothly that it was imperceptable at first.

It's off - the first time in 18 years!

The gear box was lowered to the apron where a smaller crane carried it to the workshop. Once there, the gear box had casters bolted on to it for easy movement.

Next, the left-hand gear box was unbolted.

The gear box was then lowered down and removed to the workshop.

Dr. John Reynolds, Brian Wilcockson and Dr. Lewis Ball inspect the placements.

Moving the Barbecue Shelter

While we had the cranes on site, it was decided to take the opportunity to remove the barbecue shelter from the VC grounds and relocate it to the observers quarters. In its place will be built the new dish cafe.


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