Reinstalling the zenith axis gears

Replacing the Zenith Axis Gears
of the CSIRO's Parkes Telescope

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Reinstalling the Gear Boxes - 4 October

Just prior to the gears boxes being re-installed, Andrew Hunt calibrated the resetter box then reinstalled it on the left-hand side gear box.

The gear box placements were painted a day earlier. The gear boxes were transported to the base of the tower.

Andrew Hunt, Brett Preisig and Lewis Ball, then calibrated the resetter box settings using the MCP (in the upstairs control room) and put the pinions in the correct orientation for meshing with the rack teeth.

The right-hand side gear box was the first to be hoisted into position. The pitch of the gear box was first checked, and placed at the correct angle for easy placement on the turret.

The gear box was then hoisted into position.

The gear box was smoothly placed into position. Brian Wilcockson checked that the gears meshed OK.

While Jon Crocker bolted the gear box into place, Andrew Hunt, Lewis Ball and Brett Preisig (in the control room) performed the final limit switch checks on the left-hand side gear box.

The remaining oil was drained from the gear box before it was hoisted into position and bolted into place.

Andrew Hunt and Brett Preisig completed the resetter box installation while Barry Turner and his team reinstalled the oil lines.

Jon Crocker, Ken Reeves and Brian Wilcockson re-installed the zenith axis motors. By Saturday 5 October, everything was fully re-installed and the grinding of the rack teeth could commence.

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