Extended S-Band (2000-3500MHz) Survey

The Extended S-Band Survey plots cover the band associated with the normal 13cm receiver systems, (2000-2500MHz), plus the band associated with the new 10cm receiver (2500-3500MHz), although, the plots only cover up to 3400MHz. The centre frequency of the survey plots, is 2700MHz, bandwidth 1400MHz.
For this survey, a spectrum analyser plot is provided, as opposed to an IMS spectral line correlator backend spectral plot, reason being that hardware limitations are unable to provide the required IF for the correlator backend system. The noise floor provided by the front end low noise amplifiers, is around 10dB above the spectrum analyser backend noise floor (0dB attenuation). The spectrum analyser sweep trace is in max hold, for around 5 minutes per view, in order to capture any transient signals, plus to reinforce any weak signals that may be just around the noise floor.

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Spectrum Notes Detailed information pertaining to RFI arising from the survey