L-Band (1362.5-1426.5MHz) Survey

The Multibeam Survey plots cover the band associated with the standard Multibeam Receiver HIPASS Survey, 1362.5-1426.5MHz, with a centre frequency of 1394.5MHz, bandwidth 64MHz. The correlator configuration is for 1024 channels, over the 64MHz, giving a spectral resolution of 62.5kHz per correlator bin. The IMS covers this band in a single spectrum display. The LO is set to 1554.5MHz, similar to the Multibeam HIPASS survey. The spectral plots, generated using the Observatory's Interference Analysis program, INTER_HPF, are an average display, typically from an average over 50 integrations, each integration being of 5 seconds duration. In the spectrum plots detailed below, the scale on the Y-axis for the averaged flux in Jansky, should include a factor of 1E06, ie, (MW/m^2/Hz).
Hence, in a correlator bin, the minimum detectable spectral flux density is around 72kJansky (72kW/m^2/Hz x 1E-26), for an antenna gain of around 8dBi.

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Spectrum Notes Detailed information pertaining to RFI arising from the survey