Parkes RFI Surveys

The Parkes RFI Surveys portal, gives information pertaining to recent RFI surveys, at the Parkes Radiotelescope. Survey information should allow observers some degree of planning, when deciding directions to avoid, for RFI. Survey data are supplied as graphical spectrum plots, for the various bands of interest, and a tabulated list of the most dominant interference, is also supplied, giving RFI frequencies, and bandwidths. Survey information is measured using either a spectrum analyser, and/or the Interference Measuring System (IMS). For survey information measured with the IMS, bandwidths are governed by the image rejection filters prior to the RF/IF down-conversion, and as such, a number of contiguous bands are sometimes required, to cover the bands of interest.

Survey information is available at:

L-Band (1362.5-1426.5MHz) The standard band covered by Multibeam HIPASS/ZOA survey

L-Band (1600-1700MHz) Part of the spectrum used for OH observations

L-Band (1200-1500MHz) Spectrum commonly covered by Pulsar Multibeam observations

UHF (648-712MHz) Spectrum used for new 50cm receiver

Extended S-Band (2000-3500MHz) Spectrum used for standard 13cm observations and new 10cm receiver

Frequency List Lists the dominant RFI frequencies and bandwidths